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Event Webinars

The Office of the Small Business Commissioner offers free of charge monthly events for small businesses. These events can be attended in person or via an online webinar. Webinar recordings are uploaded to our You Tube Channel. To see all past webinars click here.

Recent small business event webinars include:

C:\fakepath\Bizlink image 12 nov 2019

Bizlink Seminar Webinar

17 presenters provided a five minute elevator pitch about their services for small business during this webinar:

  1. Mr Mark Ledson, Business Development Manager, Office of the SA Chief Entrepreneur
  2. Mr Phillip Dowsett, Lead Consultant, Office of the Industry Advocate
  3. Ms Heather Montgomerie, A/Director, Partnerships & Business Development, Department for Innovation and Skills
  4. Mr Brian Jackway, Advisor Business Growth, Adelaide City Council
  5. Dr Niki Vincent, Commissioner for Equal Opportunity
  6. Mr Matt Lowe, Manager, Member Development, Business SA
  7. Mr John May, Manager, Trade and Regions, TradeStart SA
  8. Mr Stephen Makai, Premium Specialist, Return to Work SA
  9. Mr Colin Marsh, Manager Education Team, SafeworkSA
  10. Mr Tony Williams, Principal Adviser, Training and Stakeholder Engagement, EPA
  11. Mr Warwick Cheatle, Manager Registration and Compliance, Department for Innovation and Skills
  12. Ms Jessica Whitby & Vanessa Nguyen, Advisors, Office of the Training Advocate
  13. Ms Kristy Ferguson, Manager, Taxpayer Education & Communication, Revenue SA
  14. Mr Paul Bertram, Director, Regulation & Advice, Consumer and Business Services
  15. Mr Tim Saul, Head of nbn South Australia and NT, nbn Australia
  16. Ms Kristy Denholm, Senior Engagement Officer—Stakeholder Strategy & Engagement, Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 
  17. Ms Veronica Fajardo, Community Education Officer, Small Business Education, Australian Taxation Office

To view the Bizlink webinar click here.


C:\fakepath\Cyber crime email compromise image

Cybercrime Email Compromise Event Webinar

How safe is your small business from cybercrime? If you're a small business start up or an already established business, you’ll benefit from learning about simple measures to help protect your business from cybercrime.

The event webinar is presented by Sergeant Jonathon Newman from SAPOL’s Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch. Sergeant Jonathon Newman is part of the Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch’s Cybercrime Training and Prevention Section (CTPS) within South Australia Police (SAPOL). CTPS is responsible for increasing awareness of cybercrimes and providing crime prevention advice to businesses and the community. The section works collaboratively with industry and government agencies to develop crime prevention strategies based on contemporary cybercrime issues.

To veiw the Cybercrime event webinar click here.

For more events run by the Office of the Small Business Commissioner please click on this link:




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