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Existing scams

The following are some other examples of scams that the Office of the Small Business Commissioner has been alerted to by small businesses in recent times.

  • An invoice for a relatively small amount is sent to the business and due to its relatively low value is paid without proper checks being made that the goods or services have been provided.
  • A business may be offered an ‘opportunity’ to sell a particular product within a specific or exclusive territory—this requires an upfront fee to secure the goods and territory. No goods are supplied and the business remains substantially out of pocket.
  • Small businesses may be cold called and offered a deal on website development and/or access to online services (eg Search Engine Optimization) which promise to include thousands of daily or weekly 'hits' thereby increasing the business profile – a ‘sign-up’ fee occurs (normally as a  special offer) and then no service occurs.

The Office of the Small Business Commissioner has investigated each of these issues finding that the business doing the scamming either does not exist, the telephones or addresses are false and the ‘scammers’ have left no trace.  


Other small business scams are also listed on the SCAMwatch website on the following page - SCAMwatch - Small Business Scams

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