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Cyber Secruity for Small Business

Protect your small business against cybercrime

The Austalian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) offer advice and information about how to protect your small business online. This page provides relevant links to aid your business against cybercrime. 

Ransomware Attacks 

The links below are designed to support organisations to prepare for and respond to a ransomware incident.

Prevention and Protection Guide

Emergency Response Guide


Online Shopping Campaign 

The link below provides advice on ways to stay secure while shopping online.

Online Shopping


Recently released ACSC publications

The links below are a short summary of relevant publications that have been produced to support small and medium-sized businesses to enhance their cyber security.

Creating Strong Passphrases

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) in a COVID-19 Environment

Protecting Against Business Email Compromise

Guide for turning on ransomware protection for Microsoft Windows 10

Guide for turning on real-time protection in Windows 10

Guide for performing a malware scan using Microsoft Defence Antivirus for Windows 10

Guide to terminate ransomware programs with Task Manager (Windows 10)

Guide for connecting and disconnecting from a network

Guide for managing user accounts for macOS

Guide for managing user accounts for Microsoft Windows 10


Expansion of the ACSC Partnership Program

The ACSC Partnership Program enables a wide range of organisations to engage with the ACSC and fellow partners, drawing on collective understanding, experience, skills and capability to lift cyber resilience across the Australian economy.

 For more information on the ACSC Partnership Program, or to become a partner which is free, visit the ACSC Partner Hub. Link below.

ACSC Partnership Program


Cyber Security Research Report

Earlier this year, the ACSC commissioned exploratory research to better understand audience awareness of cyber security threats and practices.

The objective of the market research was to measure levels of community awareness, understanding and behaviours in relation to the current cyber security threats in Australia, and to inform the development of cyber security communications to the Australian public to improve national cyber resilience. Link for report below.

Cyber Security Research Report


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