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Managing People during & out of the COVID-19 Crisis

May 28

Date:  Thursday, 28th May 2020

Starts:  4:30pm
Ends:  5:30pm

Location:  webinar

Cost:  Free

Bookings:   Visit website

The COVID19 Crisis, just like every crisis, is revealing a flow of time, then, now and the future. As we all strive to recover from its impact, it is beneficial to look at the situation with a progressive mindset and decode what was, what is and what will be. We enjoyed a past of relatively stable & predictable environments.

Today, there is chaos and disruption. Tomorrow will be a different state. As we witness the nation heal and our future unfold, several organizations will remain resilient. For many, the new normal is acceptable. For others, the advent of COVID19 is catastrophic.

As business owners, leaders and executives, what we do now and what we decide on, in the midst of the crisis will significantly determine the fate of our workforce and our brands. Your focus should be on what is most likely to come next and being ready to meet any potential hurdle. This means, you must have the vision to see beyond the chaotic now and anticipate the three, four, or five obstacles.

Join us in this workshop as we discuss topics that enable business owners, leaders, and executives to deal with complexity & change so that you can manage & lead effectively. We will be addressing the urgent needs of the present way we work and how to optimize it. You will also gain a new perspective on redundancies as we show you a few alternatives if termination becomes inevitable.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

Leadership Principles ➔ How To Lead During & Out Of Covid19

Managing Virtual Teams ➔ How To Manage & Optimize Virtual Teams

Alternatives To Terminating ➔ Options To Consider Before Restructuring Your Workforce

Existing Employees With Dignity ➔ How To Honor Your Employees Upon Exit

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