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Reset your Asia Strategy Post Covid-19

Oct 21

Date:  Wednesday, 21st Oct 2020

Starts:  10:00am
Ends:  12:30pm

Location:  Webinar

Cost:  $55

Bookings:   Visit website

Organisation:   Adelaide Business Hub

There is no doubt that businesses are battling through unprecedented times of uncertainty.

When developing the recovery plan, we need to remind ourselves that more than three-quarters of Australia's total exports, including education, are to Asia, and many of these Asian nations are coming out of the global crisis quicker than other markets.

Cooperation with these large trading partners should be an integral part of restarting and rebuilding your business.

COVID-19 is driving changes in business practice and consumer behaviour in Asia, that could have long-lasting effects.

We need to unpack the impact of these changes so we can achieve our recovery objectives.

Workshop topics

• Managing business relationships as the political and economic environment changes

• Maintaining and increasing your brand visibility on a limited marketing budget

• Developing B2B and B2C marketing plan when international travel is not permitted

• Identifying pathway to digital growth that incorporates social media

• Understanding how to create online engagement with your customers

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom as asynchronous learning program, supported by supplementary reading and assessment tasks to ensure the learning is relevant, achievable and measurable.


Jing Cao

Managing Director, Chinese Language and Cultural Advice

Born and raised in China, Jing came to Australia in 2002 after completing his undergraduate degree in Europe. He is an expert in management consulting, cultural competency training, digital solutions and branding strategy development.

Jing has worked with many iconic Australian brands, educational institutions, and government agencies to improve their business and cultural intelligence skills needed to build partnerships and expand into Asia’s largest market.





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