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Have you considered franchising as an option for your small business?


Thursday 12 October 2017

The Small Business Commissioner John Chapman says potential buyers of franchise businesses should carefully explore all aspects of the business prior to purchase.

“Franchise businesses can provide great rewards but potential buyers should carefully do their research, seek professional advice and talk to other franchisees before making their investment,” Mr Chapman said.

“This applies in particular to people who have never been in business before and perhaps have received a redundancy package. There is always an element of risk in buying any business, but careful analysis and research on what is being offered helps minimise this.”

“The benefits of buying a franchise business are many – you are often signing up to a recognised brand that is known to many people already, marketing and operational support is provided to you and you are starting with an already established brand with a strong track record of success!”

If you already have an established profitable small business you would like to grow, perhaps developing a franchise is an option for you. Where do you start and how can you make this important transition?

The Franchise Council of Australia, along with the Office of the Small Business Commissioner presents this free information session that will provide all the information you need to consider moving into a franchise model.

“When looking at franchising as a vehicle for expanding your business, it’s important to consider all formats available to you. Australia is one of the most franchised countries in the world. However, people looking to buy into a franchise system should fully investigate the opportunity first,” said Rose Vis, Founder VIP Home Services and FCA SA President.

Rose Vis presents at the event along with Ben Makepeace, CFE, Franchise Manager Gametraders and FCA SA Vice President, who will provide advice on buying a franchise; Kirri Clark from EFM Unley and Andrew Andrews, Technology 360 Group who will provide firsthand experience and tell their stories about how franchising worked for them; and Bronwyn Furse, Thomson Geer Lawyers who will cover the legal aspects with franchising.

Small Business Commissioner John Chapman will talk about how his office can assist existing franchisees through alternative dispute resolution including mediation.

The Franchising in a Nutshell event is being held on Thursday 19 October 2017, 5:30pm – 7:00pm at the Small Business Centre Boardroom, Level 13, 99 Gawler Place, Adelaide and also being offered as a live online webinar.

Registration is essential as places are strictly limited. For more information or to register visit the Office of the Small Business Commissioner website at or contact the Office on 8303 2026.

Media contact: John Chapman, Small Business Commissioner on 8303 2026.

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