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The Small Business Commissioner is active in advocating for small business through a number of mediums including his articles in the Advertiser. 

Other articles that mention the Office of the Small Business Commissioner can be found here

*Approval from The Advertiser has been given to publish these articles.


Lease shake-up warning

Published: 30 June 2020


Time for payment penalties

Published: 31 October 2019 


Push to fix roadworks disruption

Published: 30 October 2019


Roadworks-ravaged business needs lifeline

Published:Thursday 20 June 2019


Renewal SA blasted for poor calls on failed builder

Published: Thursday 13 June 2019


Bad calls break trust

Published: Thursday 13 June 2019


Debt-laden cockies, banks negotiating to save the family farm

Published: The Advertiser, Tuesday 7 May 2019


Time for unfair contracts to go

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 20 April 2019


Banks have a long wat to go to win over customers

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 3 February 2018


Business as usual

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 4 November 2017


Black economy - a blight on our honest operators

Published: The Advertiser, Monday 5 June 2017   


MTA Strongly Represents Its Small Business Members by John Chapman

Published: Motor Trade Official Magazine of the Motor Trade Association of SA, May 2017


Time to take lead on mental health

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 15 April 2017


Sold short on late payments

Published: The Advertiser, Monday 23 January 2017


nbn roll-out promises to deliver more opportunities

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 12 March 2016


Big win for small business as contract threshold raises

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 21 November 2015


We Can't Afford to be Further Penalised

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 7 November 2015


Give the little guy a fair go against the big end of town

Published: The Advertiser, Friday 11 September 2015


Dodge Retail Jugganauts with 'Chameleon Approach'

Published: The Advertiser, Saturday 27 June 2015


Towards a fair go for Small Business

Published: The Advertiser, Tuesday 9 June 2015


Why the big-box strategy is wrong

Published: The Adelaide Advertiser, Saturday 4 April 2015


Buyer beware on web deals

Published: The Adelaide Advertiser, Tuesday 31 March 2015


Small Business Commissioner investigates signage dispute with Burnside Council

ABC News, Friday 6 February 2015


Lower GST threshold on foreign parcels

Published: The Adelaide Advertiser, Tuesday 6 January 2015


Westfarmers case a reminder to all companies

Published: The Adelaide Advertiser, Friday 2 January 2015

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