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Farm to Fork Networking Group

The Rural City of Murray Bridge

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Small business in the Murraylands and Riverland food, beverage and agribusiness industries now have an additional avenue to share their produce, experiences, events, challenges and successes working in the sector via a network group utilising social media as the primary way of staying in contact.

The Farm to Fork network group was launched in August 2017, as an initiative of Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) which partners with the regions Councils including the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

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Small business and industry discussed how to cross-promote local produce in dining and retail venues, attract top chefs to the region, and deliver high-quality tourism opportunities.

The idea for the group came from these discussions at a number of food sector events hosted by RDAMR like Producers in Residence and the Functional and Luxury Foods learning sessions, which highlighted a missing link between our regions, the producers, growers and chefs.

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Farm to Fork is a virtual networking group utilising a closed Facebook group, enabling members to engage with each other via their social media accounts and see real time solutions and information, to connect, collaborate and create opportunities.  This mechanism was chosen as it was easy for small business and single operator owners to engage with. 

“This mechanism encourages discussion and has been pivotal in developing the small business food network in the region. The broader strategic goal is to continue to value-add to our local agricultural industry and small business is important to this” said Michael Sedgman, CEO of the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

The group is administered by RDAMR, with members applying to join the group to ensure their authenticity and relevancy to the food and beverage industry. Members within the group are encouraged to post freely and seek information from each other, becoming a virtual collective.  

Search Farm to Fork Networking Group in Facebook to request to join the group.

Visit The Rural City of Murray Bridge for more information.


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