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Footpath Trading Policy

City of Unley

At the City of Unley we understand that businesses are vital to our vibrancy and cosmopolitan lifestyle and it is recognised that many business operators wish to utilise the footpath space in front of their business premises for the purpose of displaying merchandise and outdoor dining, together with promoting their business and adding to the attractiveness and ambience of the City.

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Council undertook a review of the previous Outdoor Dining and Permits for Business Policies with the view to make them more business friendly while complying with statutory legislation (Section 22 of the Local Government Act).    This review was undertaken across Council teams, with members from the Regulatory, Planning and Economic Development teams involved throughout the whole process.

Through this process one policy, The Footpath Trading Policy, was developed to balance the wishes of businesses to use footpaths for trading purposes with the needs of pedestrians.   Advice was sought regarding Disability Access which saw the new policy introduce flexibility in where the trading zone can be located (kerb side or building side), however there must be consistency within a block (i.e. all trading which in a block either against the kerb or against the building line) to allow for a consistent path of travel.  

To help with the administering and understanding of the Policy, the Administration developed detailed, practical and easy to use Footpath Trading Guidelines. 

To assist with the implementation of the new Policy, the Council endorsed a 3.5 month implementation period to enable regulatory and economic development staff to meet with businesses affected by the Policy, explain the new requirements and options available in person. This also provided local businesses with a reasonable timeframe to apply for a permit and align their trading to meet Policy requirements. 

Visit the City of Unley website for more information or click here to read more.

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