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SBFC Reporting Tool


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Participating Councils are encouraged to provide biannual reporting on the work they have been doing to support their commitment to the Initiative.
There are five required initiatives and three optional initiatives to be met.

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Reporting period

The reporting period for this report is the date of sign up until 30 November 2018.
Reports are due to be completed by 31 December 2018.

Required Initiatives

Please provide a short summary of how you have met each required initiative over the last six months.

Council agrees to implement activities to improve the operating environment for small business within its area. Details of these activities are to be included in Council’s operational plans and strategies.
Council agrees to establish a business advisory group (if one does not already exist) to assist its understanding of small business needs in its local area. The group should include local small business operators and members of their representative bodies.
Council agrees to implement a procurement policy which recognises that local small business is a significant contributor to economic development in its area, and should be provided with a fair opportunity to provide goods and services to Council wherever possible.
Council agrees to work towards ensuring all undisputed invoices from small business suppliers are paid within 30 days.
Council agrees to implement (if it does not already have one) a timely and cost-effective process to manage any disputes it may have with small business. The process may include the referral of disputes to an independent dispute resolution service (such as that offered by the OSBC).

Additional Initiatives

Please provide the title and progress for three additional initiatives

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