Low-cost mediation, without the hassle

If we can’t reach a resolution through negotiation, we can facilitate low-cost mediation. You may also request mediation from the outset, especially if your circumstances relate to a commercial leasing issue. Mediation aims to keep you out of the court system, allowing you to resolve disagreements and preserve ongoing business or leasing relationships.

This service is heavily subsidised, costing each business owner just $195, and in some instances is completely free. Our independent and accredited mediators are specially selected for their expertise in dealing with small business matters.

The mediator will work with you and the other party/parties to find a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediators facilitate conversations with parties, and anything discussed remains confidential following a mediation.

In most cases, parties involved in the dispute voluntarily attend and participate in discussion. In certain circumstances, we have additional powers to bring parties to mediation and specific powers under industry codes. Those industries being:

  • Building and Construction
  • Farming
  • Franchising
  • Mining and Resources
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Newsagency