With COVID-19 close contact isolation rules and mask wearing easing, some small businesses are celebrating while some are concerned about safety of their customers and staff.

Many industry bodies lobbied the state government to ease the close contact rules, and the guidelines have now been eased to the following:

This includes restrictions on attending a number of health, care and correctional settings, unless to access medical care or supplies.

If you work in one of these settings, you can attend your workplace under protocols specific to the sector. These protocols are available on the SA Health website: bit.ly/3ONly0o

If you are a close contact, you must:

  • wear a mask in public (12 and over) for 7 days after exposure
  • undertake 5 rapid antigen tests (RATs) over a 7 day period (with at least 24 hours between tests and one test on day 7)
  • report your RAT if you test positive
  • get a PCR test as soon as any symptoms develop and quarantine until you receive a result
  • notify your employer, school or early childcare setting.
  • It is also recommended for 7 days after exposure to:
  • avoid non-essential gatherings
  • avoid contact with people at risk of severe illness
  • work from home where possible

For more information on the close contact guidelines and a full list of health, care and correctional settings, visit www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/COVIDcontacts

Businesses can choose to have customers and staff wear masks while on premises, and suggest that businesses can include some of the following words on signs at the door of premises:

‘While it's no longer compulsory to wear a face mask, we ask you to consider the health of yourself and others and continue to wear one while on our premises.

Some of our customers and staff are immune-compromised or have serious health issues.

Wearing a mask helps us reduce the spread or catching it yourself while on our premises. Our staff will continue to wear masks while at work’.