Are you struggling to keep up with payments on your retail or commercial lease?

Stressed small business ownerPost-pandemic times are continually testing small business owners, and we understand getting back to pre-pandemic trade has, and can be a struggle.

Cashflow is top of mind for most small business owners. The thought of 'can I afford to pay the rent' and the idea of facing possible lock-out can cause sleepless nights.

Are you:

  • falling behind in rent payments?
  • being told you will be locked out of your premises?
  • been issued with a warrant of distraint?
  • having issues relating to maintenance expenses?
  • needing to end a lease early?

If you are having difficulty with a matter which relates to your retail or commercial lease, you should contact the Office of the South Australian Small Business Commissioner (SASBC).

We may be able to assist you by providing information and guidance, a no cost negotiation service, and in some circumstances, a low-cost mediation service facilitated by a professional mediator.

For more information about the SASBC dispute resolution process please click here.

To lodge a dispute online please click here.

For a confidential chat about your circumstances please phone (toll free) 1800 072 722 or
08 8303 2026, Monday to Friday between 8.00am - 5.00pm.